Simplify your financial processes

with electronic invoice or credit note

With SupplyOn, you receive invoices from your suppliers in the form of electronic documents which are automatically generated on the basis of the associated delivery note or order. The invoices are very easy to check and can easily be assigned to the call-ups or orders upon which they are based. SupplyOn also makes it easier to archive your financial documents. It is no longer necessary to file paper copies and you can archive your invoices electronically with no time-consuming scanning involved.


You can also optionally add a qualified electronic signature (digital signature) to the invoices, which is legally recognized worldwide as the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature.


'Golden Tax' in China with efficient invoice approval process

Learn how to increase process maturity with suppliers in China

How you benefit from electronic invoice distribution:

  You save time not only when checking and processing invoices but also when forwarding and archiving them internally.
  The electronic signature from SupplyOn is legally compliant, enables the input tax deduction and makes the time-consuming preparation of summary sheets unnecessary.
  Your suppliers also benefit from the electronic process: they no longer need to pay postage costs.

Automatic billing with credit notes

Instead of receiving invoices from your suppliers, you can use SupplyOn to use self-billing invoice. This is particularly suited for long-term business partnerships or to invoice withdrawals from consignment inventories. Credit notes are based on the agreed prices as well as the shipped quantities. You no longer have any of the administrative effort for checking invoices since you only pay for the goods which were actually delivered. The fact that you can automatically effect payment when you electronically send a credit note also saves time and money.

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Werner Busenius