Procure to Pay (P2P)

End-to-end procurement processes from the purchase order to payment

Smooth processes between you and your suppliers are particularly critical in operational procurement in order to maintain the flow of materials and thus keep your production running. To that end, solutions from SupplyOn provide a great deal more than the pure data transmission between your company and your suppliers. The value added primarily consists of the additional information you gain from a close collaboration within your supply chain network: a shared view of the actual supply situation and an automated early detection system let you efficiently control your supply chain so that bottlenecks can be avoided – from the purchase order to delivery and payment. Transparency in all stock movement also allows you to optimize stock levels and thus reduce your working capital. 

How we support you


Requirements processes

Whether for production materials or indirect materials, regardless of order frequency and volume – with SupplyOn you can automate all requirements processes with your suppliers worldwide.


Advance Shipping Notification (ASN)

The electronic Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) in SupplyOn means you are informed promptly of the delivery and transportation details of upcoming goods consignments.


Vendor Managed Inventory

Reduce your warehouse inventory using the consumption-based supply concept and release tied-up capital.



The Kanban process allows you to call up goods from your suppliers based on actual material consumption, thus helping you avoid excessive or insufficient inventory. 


Entry of services performed

With the online entry of services performed, your supplier creates an electronic record of the services provided – the buyer then approves the services from his or her own system.



Whether self-billing invoicing or electronic invoicing – with SupplyOn, your financial processes can be automated based on order or delivery data.

Your major advantage with SupplyOn

By taking one integration step, you become a part of our global community of some 30,000 networked suppliers in over 70 countries. This lets you quickly integrate both EDI-capable suppliers and suppliers working in the Web front end in a seamless procure-to-pay process – regardless of their size or order volume. 


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