Classic requirement processes with integrated alert management

With SupplyOn, you have all classic requirement processes at your disposal to automatically transmit data from your internal systems to your suppliers:

  Delivery instructions, which you use to inform your suppliers of the planned net requirements based on a general agreement
  Call-offs, which you use to order a certain quantity for a specific time based on delivery instructions
  Purchase orders, which are used to efficiently handle all requirements that cannot be easily standardized
  Requirement reminders that remind your suppliers of overdue or upcoming deliveries

But to have a functioning logistics management system, you need more than just the ability to send and display these messages. SupplyOn also provides you with an early warning system for the order and delivery process which ensures processes run smoothly. With individually adjustable reminder functions, you can identify disruptions in the supply chain at an early stage and respond promptly. For example, the system automatically sends a reminder to all parties for pending order confirmations or overdue deliveries.

How you benefit:

  You improve process reliability of your requirements processes: on one hand through electronic transmission, and on the other through the supplementary early warning system.
  You can rely on being informed about important developments and are notified automatically about imminent bottlenecks.
  Thanks to the alert functions, you can better evaluate your actual supply situation and increase transparency in your supply chain.
Would you like to know how your company can set up an early warning system from SupplyOn for your classic requirements processes? Please contact us – we would be happy to discuss how SupplyOn can help you.

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Werner Jannings