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Manager Innovation Projects

Digitalization offers many opportunities! My goal is to exploit this potential through innovative solutions that can be used by our customers, so that costs can be reduced and flexibility increased. As Manager Innovation Projects, I translate ideas into solutions in close collaboration with product development. In this blog I would like to share our approaches and experiences with our readers.

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SCM Insights, Use Cases
April 4, 2018

Eliminating the blind spot: Insights into supplier’s production reduce inventories, lower risks & save costs

Matching themes: Inbound Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, MES, Security of supply, Smart Supply Chain, visibility

Connecting to the supplier's MES helps to reduce inventories and ensure supply reliability even in volatile markets.
Connecting to the supplier’s MES helps to reduce inventories and ensure supply reliability while allowing for high levels of product customization

A leading aerospace company optimized its global supply chain with SupplyOn through an innovative Industry 4.0 project: integration of the supplier’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) gives both customer and supplier a virtually real-time, joint view of the supplier’s situation – in terms of demand, stock and production. Replenishment planning is checked against customer requirements, i.e. production orders against stocks. The result is transparency and trend feedback – enabling stock reduction and increased supply reliability.

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