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November 10, 2015

The BVL’s 32nd German Logistics Convention in Berlin takes a look at the bigger picture

Matching themes: Industry 4.0, procurement logistics

This year’s German Logistics Convention was held from 28 to 30 October. The motto was “A moving world” and the organizers proved an acute awareness of the economic and the overall political situation: although at the time the motto for the convention was decided on, such developments as the refugee issue and the extraordinary occurrences involving one of the world’s biggest automobile manufacturers could not have been foreseen. Read more

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October 30, 2015

Digital collaboration in the railway industry – optimized with RailSupply

Matching themes: procurement, procurement logistics, supplier collaboration

PriMa_Gelb_mit Schatten_rgbThorsten Fülling, Director of Consulting at SupplyOn AG, gave Privatbahn Magazin #05/2015 an interview on the subject of “Collaboration between suppliers and production companies in the railway industry“.

Mr Fülling, what are the greatest challenges in the supply chain at present between suppliers and production companies in the railway industry?

The biggest challenge for the railway industry stems from the effects of globalization in the procurement markets. The fact that this industry has no generally applicable standards with respect to supply chain processes results in highly complex and variable processes, particularly when purchasing from a global market. Furthermore, the rail industry too has seen the depth of production become considerably smaller in recent years, while the increased division of labour has led to a higher level of interaction and collaboration in the respective processes. Moreover, the railway industry has been forced to raise its productivity due to persistent cost pressure, in order to remain competitive in a future global environment. Read more

SCM Insights
July 8, 2015

Me purchasing, you logistics – the organizational and procedural separation of corporate functions leads to sub-optimum results from the point of view of the supply chain

Matching themes: digital supply chain, procurement logistics, SCM

Bending the ChainAlthough the discipline “Supply Chain Management” combines aspects of purchasing and logistics from a procedural point of view, both functions exist in the majority of manufacturing companies as separate organizational units. This fact has generally been taken for granted up to now without questioning the overall aspects.

The Supply Chain Management Faculty of the University of Tennessee has taken a closer look at this topic and discovered something interesting “We have met the enemy and he is us …!” Read more

SCM Insights, Use Cases
January 9, 2015

Supply bottlenecks in the procurement of spare parts are a thing of the past

Matching themes: procurement, procurement logistics

procurement of spare partsEspecially in the procurement of spare parts, there are often shortages in the supply chain. The main reason is that ordering and delivery processes are usually manual – i.e., once orders are placed by fax or e-mail, they disappear in a black box until delivery. During that time, you can’t tell whether the supplier has received the order or not, whether they are in a position to deliver on time, when the goods will be shipped, or when they are likely to arrive. Read more

SCM Insights
October 22, 2014

Volatility hinders logistics planning – more responsibility for forwarding companies?

Matching themes: procurement logistics, SCM, transport management

Importance of procurement logistics for forwarding companiesIn its survey entitled “Market volatility in transport and logistics”, the BME predictably noted at the end of 2013 that it is more and more difficult for forwarding and shipping companies to plan their warehouse and fleet capacities owing to the growing volatility resulting from increasing globalization.

In my opinion, the most important findings of the survey were as follows:  Read more

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