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December 14, 2016

Looking into the future: Predictive analytics in supply chain management

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Predictice Analytics in Supply Chain Management
Predictive analytics makes the management of supply chains easier and will play an even more important role moving forward.

As a branch of business analytics, predictive analytics is focused on making projections about relevant events in the future. Although not known by this particular term, the discipline itself has long been used to manage supply chains.

The VMI process is a good example of a long-standing predictive analytics approach. When regulating supply using VMI, the customer defines inventory thresholds that suppliers are not allowed to exceed or fall short of over the course of their deliveries. Read more

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December 8, 2016

How the 6th Aviation Forum contributed to the digital transformation of the aviation industry

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SupplyOn welcomes its new customer Telair at its booth
SupplyOn welcomes its new customer Telair at its booth: Telair President Marko Enderlein with Markus Quicken, CEO SupplyOn

The best comes at the end: This statement again came true for the 6th Aviation Forum in Hamburg, as the last but probably best aerospace event of 2016 opened its doors to more than 600 attendees and about 110 partners, sponsors & contributors on December 6th. This event is one of the key platforms for Airbus and its global suppliers, with industry experts attending panel discussions and sharing insights.  

Attendees arriving the evening before had the opportunity to visit Hamburg’s Christkindlmarkt, which allowed for networking even prior to the official start of the event. Read more

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December 1, 2016

Digitalization of the aerospace supply chain – the dream and the reality

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Research on the digitalization of the aerospace supply chain
The study on the digitalization of the aerospace supply chain highlights a need for action

70 percent of respondents in a new study on the digitalization of the aerospace supply chain say they are convinced that digitalization can be advanced only if all parties use the same system. But the reality proves to be different. More than 80 percent of the respondents confirm having to use multiple portals to communicate with customers – and this, even though approximately 90 percent of the respondents were convinced that the multitude of different portals undermined the positive effects of digitalization.

The continued digitalization of the supply chain across all levels – as the study also clearly found – is viewed as being one of the most important measures for mastering the future challenges in the aerospace industry. Read more

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August 31, 2016

Success factor Supply Chain Visibility: Gartner presents SupplyOn project as best practice

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According to Gartner, Supply Chain Visibility is a critical success factor
According to Gartner, Supply Chain Visibility is a critical success factor

Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) is one of the most important success factors when it comes to managing complex supply chains successfully. And it is an initiative at the top of every CSCO´s agenda. Therefore, Gartner has focused a recently published report “Lessons Learned from Supply Chain Visibility Initiatives – Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation” on this subject by presenting four best practice examples, one of these being a transport management project realized through SupplyOn. Read more

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June 23, 2016

Do you also manage complex aerospace supply chain networks?

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Aerospace Supply Chain Study
Download the new Aerospace Supply Chain Study

To successfully manage aerospace supply chain networks, it is essential to tackle special challenges. Efficient processes in complex, international networks require thinking that spans departmental and even corporate boundaries in customer/supplier relationships.

This begins with the organization of networks and extends to the planning and execution of processes on through to controlling.

Expectations are high when it comes to the digitalization of the supply chain: Read more

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April 29, 2016

How German aerospace SMEs remain competitive in spite of structural changes in the supply chain

Matching themes: AirSupply, Industry 4.0, Supply Chain

Image2 At the invitation of SPACE Deutschland, over 60 representatives of German aerospace SMEs (small and medium-sized aerospace enterprises) took part in the 3rd SPACE Annual Network Meeting at Airbus Helicopters in Donauwörth, Germany, on 25/26.04.2016. Incidentally, SPACE stands for “Supply chain Progress towards Aeronautical Community Excellence”. As a sector association for the aerospace industry and its supply chain, SPACE aims to improve the industrial performance of its members. Read more

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March 21, 2016

600Minutes Supply Chain in Munich: Just where is the supply chain headed?

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Munich once again played host to a successful event that serves as a very good platform for cross-company business discussions.

The 600Minutes Supply Chain conference at The Charles Hotel in Munich brings together specialists from production companies and relevant service providers once a year. The event gives them an opportunity to hear addresses and, above all, have one-on-one discussions (similar to speed dating, naturally with a different goal in mind) about the latest logistics and supply chain developments. Read more

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February 16, 2016

How the Aerospace Conference PNAA flies into the future – and which role a “hole in the portfolio” plays

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PNNAThe weather was rainy, but information was hot: this year’s PNAA (Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association) Aerospace Conference in Lynnwod, WA, was again the “place to be” for aerospace decision takers who want to know towards which destination the industry is moving to: Located closely to the Boeing plants of Renton (production of all 737 family aircraft) and Everett (wide-body production, including 787), the PNAA had the biggest participation ever, with 500+ participants.

This year’s PNAA topic was “Flying into the future” and 180 member companies joined. They did a good job in including the “young ones without the grey hair”, as PNAA chairman Bill King announced. Read more

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October 14, 2015

e-invoicing begins with the order

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Golden Tax leicht gemachtToday, everybody is talking about Industry 4.0 and the digitalization of the supply chain – and yet the majority of invoices are still being sent in paper form or in unstructured formats that cannot easily be computerized.

Many companies wishing to implement an e-invoicing solution focus solely on the invoicing process instead of considering the process as a whole, from order to payment. Read more

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July 8, 2015

Me purchasing, you logistics – the organizational and procedural separation of corporate functions leads to sub-optimum results from the point of view of the supply chain

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Bending the ChainAlthough the discipline “Supply Chain Management” combines aspects of purchasing and logistics from a procedural point of view, both functions exist in the majority of manufacturing companies as separate organizational units. This fact has generally been taken for granted up to now without questioning the overall aspects.

The Supply Chain Management Faculty of the University of Tennessee has taken a closer look at this topic and discovered something interesting “We have met the enemy and he is us …!” Read more

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