Bosch Industry 4.0’s Chongqing Tour

Bosch Industry 4.0 Innovation Technology Center


As part of Industry 4.0, Bosch is placing great emphasis on end-to-end digitization in order to maintain full control over the manufacturing process. Bosch recognized the importance of Industry 4.0 and is striving for the digital cross-linking of manufacturing processes and logistics. The Bosch “Future Factory” concept covers the entire manufacturing process, including transport, production, quality control, etc., with a focus on a high degree of automation and comprehensive digitization.

SupplyOn supports Bosch in the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 and is the most solid “backstage” support on its digital path.

Now SupplyOn has been invited to show its cloud-based supply chain collaboration solution in the “Bosch Chongqing Industry 4.0 Innovation Center”.

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