Global Innovation Center 'Supply Chain 5.0 @ Industry X.0'

Next-generation IIoT up-close:

The Global Innovation Center “Supply Chain 5.0 @ Industry X.0” by SupplyOn and Accenture

This Industrial Internet of Things Center (IIoT) is the first of its kind worldwide and illustrates the effects of digital transformation on the supply chain and industrial production.

Witness the exciting evolution “Supply Chain 5.0 @ Industry X.0”: Together with Accenture, SupplyOn presents trend-setting use cases in the IIoT Innovation Center:

The SupplyOn Smart App



Experience and test for yourself how you can design your processes efficiently end-to-end.

IIOT only unleashes its full potential when it is designed end-to-end. And this requires innovative supply chain solutions.

Benefit from:

  • reduced delivery times
  • global real-time production management
  • efficient Supply Chain Disruption Management

The Innovation Center was opened in May 2018 in Garching near Munich, Germany. Here you can find some impressions of the event:


Your own personal tour

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