The full potential of E-Invoicing

Digitizing and optimizing the invoicing process promises great benefits in terms of efficiency, quality, lead times and costs. But to which extend a company actually realizes these benefits heavily depends on the aim and scope of their e-invoicing strategy.

Where do you stand? And how much more is in for you?

Find out! Calculate your ROI for adapting to a seamless, highly automated Procure-to-Pay process:

Anzahl der Lieferanten, die angebunden werden sollenMin: 50 / Max: 1.500
Eingehende Rechnungen pro MonatMin: 5.000 / Max: 500.000
Rechnungen in PDF/per Mail
Rechnungen in Papierform/ per Post
Zeit pro PDF-RechnungMin: 5 / Max: 15
Zeit pro Papier-RechnungMin: 15 / Max: 40

There are quite a few levers you can pull to boost the ROI of your e-invoicing strategy. Learn more in these complementary information:

Whitepaper: How to exploit the full potential of E-Invoicing

Many companies leave the major benefits of electronic invoicing untouched. Download our whitepaper and learn

  • why you need to consider the entire Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process
  • which common pitfalls you need to avoid
  • how you can achieve a seamless, highly automated process with invoice auto-booking rates of well above 90 percent


E-Invoicing needs to go far beyond digitizing invoices. Best results are achieved if you electronically manage the entire purchase-to-pay (P2P) process from order to invoice in a single system. This not only benefits you directly, but also your suppliers, providing them with a tangible incentive to quickly onboard to the new solution.

Hear what matters and how Airbus benefits from this:


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