Network Planning

Cutting costs with strategic and tactical transport planning

Transport networks are living and breathing entities and must be continuously optimized: Transport volume ebbs and flows. New suppliers and locations are added to the mix, while others fade away. This means that pre-defined transport structures like hub concepts and a certain sequence of pick-ups in a milk run can become obsolete. The result: rising transport costs.

This is where SupplyOn comes in

The integrated transport planning offered by SupplyOn responds when something changes in your transport network and then carefully adjusts your transport structures and routes – by using the following functions:

Strategic transport planning optimizes your transport network and its structures over the long term. This network serves as the basis for tactical operational transport planning

The tactical transport planning done periodically determines the most cost-effective routes in terms of pick-up and delivery addresses depending on the quantities to be transported.

How you benefit from network planning using SupplyOn 

  • You can permanently reduce your freight costs by continuously optimizing the transport network drawing on specific historical data and planned deliveries.

  • You benefit from greater transparency in your global logistics network. This allows you to carry out network planning on this basis of reliable data.