Social Collaboration

SupplyOn makes working together easier – with Social Collaboration

SupplyOn has added Social Collaboration functions to its existing Sourcing, Problem Solver and Performance Monitor services. Social Collaboration allows users to communicate with each other regarding a specific case on the platform rather than via other channels such as telephone or e-mail. The major advantage here is that all comments, explanations and queries are linked directly to the relevant case and can easily be understood – even by members of staff who are not directly involved in the conversation. The clear link to the case also means that queries can be issued more quickly and more easily, thus saving valuable time.

Typical cases where the new Social Collaboration function can make working together easier include:

  • Supplier queries regarding a complaint or a request for quotation
  • Communication within an international project team that is producing a complex quotation or working on a request for quotation
  • Discussing the pros and cons of a corrective action when dealing with a complaint, etc.

Even later on, the communication that has taken place regarding a business transaction can still be understood by everyone involved.

Even without a link to a specific transaction, it is possible to exchange messages within SupplyOn solutions. This allows all users to enjoy seamless communication right where it is needed without media discontinuity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Social Collaboration. We’re here to help: E-mail