Collaboration Folders

How SupplyOn Collaboration Folders makes working with your customer easier

In many cases, information is too sensitive or files are too large to be shared with your customer via e-mail. With SupplyOn’s Collaboration Folders solution, your customer can invite you into a virtual project room via which you can easily share documents, large drawing files or project plans and even edit them together. 

How SupplyOn Collaboration Folders works

Using a flexible authorization management system, your customer grants you access to specific folders in the virtual project room. As a registered user, you simply log on to the SupplyOn online platform in order to gain access to the authorized folders and the files that they contain. E-mail messages automatically notify you when new documents are added or specific work steps have been completed. Consequently, you always know straight away if a new document or the next editing step is waiting for you. Checking documents in and out ensures that only one person can edit the document at any given time.

The benefits for you

  • It is often impossible to deliver large files as an e-mail attachment. With Collaboration Folders, you can share large files electronically – thus ensuring high quality and trouble-free internal data forwarding.
  • Insecure e-mailing of documents is eliminated: data is exchanged between you and your customer via a virtual project room that is access-protected and scanned for viruses.
  • Working together in the virtual project room ensures complete documentation – without files getting lost in people’s inboxes.
  • Integrated versioning ensures that older versions of a jointly created document are retained, but that everyone involved always works on the latest version.

SupplyOn Collaboration Folders is an uncomplicated tool which is particularly useful as a way of avoiding insecure e-mail processes during small joint projects or when exchanging documents on an ad-hoc basis with your customer.