SupplyOn success story continues: Deployment of SupplyOn WebEDI further extended at BMW Group

29 mai 2006 · Lesedauer < 2 Min.

SupplyOn’s WebEDI solution is to be deployed by the BMW Group to handle series logistics and financial processes, ensuring long-term fast and efficient business relations with around 1,000 suppliers. In addition, the Munich-based automotive group will integrate SupplyOn WebEDI into its company owned partner portal. Suppliers to BMW now have central access to all applications – including SupplyOn WebEDI – which support the electronic transaction of business processes with their customers. BMW has ordered test components and prototype parts via SupplyOn since mid 2004. 

Series logistics has already been implemented during the last year and includes the issue of delivery calls by the BMW Group, as well as the notification of delivery and transport data by suppliers. Since the beginning of 2006, financial processes as, for example, advice of payments, credit notes and settlements has been handled via the integrated SupplyOn solution. Standardized communications via SupplyOn will replace the exchange of data by hardcopy or through the previous WebEDI systems used by the BMW Group. 

“Increasing demand for shorter process times requires efficient cooperation between customers and suppliers without costly, time-consuming and error-prone media gaps,” says Markus Quicken, member of the board of directors of SupplyOn. “SupplyOn WebEDI enables business partners to communicate through a standardized solution that optimizes and accelerates material logistics and financial processes.“