SupplyOn presents innovative purchasing tools Smart Procurement and Central Procurement Hub: SupplyOn is showcasing two innovative purchasing tools at the BME e-Solutions Days

3 3 月, 2020 · 阅读时间 < 2 Min.

SupplyOn will be presenting two innovations at the BME e-Solutions Days on March 24/25, 2020 in Düsseldorf which enable purchasing processes to be made significantly leaner and more efficient - both in the procurement of production and non-production materials. As a central procurement system, the "Central Procurement Hub" bundles all purchasing functions within an organization in one place and can be easily integrated even in very heterogeneous system landscapes. With "Smart Procurement", all users in a company have access to an intuitive purchasing tool that maps the given purchasing processes and structures. In this way, uniform processes can be established throughout the entire company to meet all corporate compliance requirements in an efficient and transparent manner.

The "Central Procurement Hub" can even be integrated into very heterogeneous system landscapes consisting of different SAP ERP, S4/HANA and non-SAP systems and bundles them at a central point. There is also no limit to the number of systems to be integrated. This means that all purchasing-relevant processes throughout the entire company can be mapped in one single sourcing tool: from the selection of suppliers and the request for quotation to contract management, monitoring and analysis of all processes.

"Smart Procurement" enables every user in the company - even those from non-purchasing areas - to independently initiate and execute purchasing processes. The system-guided process ensures that all purchasing specifications and the company's compliance rules are followed. The purchaser has access to catalogues and procurement platforms approved by the purchasing department, can bundle his requirements in a shopping cart and then order. For individual requirements, the user is intuitively guided to the right purchasing channel.

The two tools "Smart Procurement" and "Central Procurement Hub" are part of a comprehensive, integrated purchasing suite which SupplyOn offers together with its subsidiary Newtron and which is continually being expanded with additional functionalities. At the BME e-Solutions Days, SupplyOn and Newtron will jointly present the purchasing suite with the new tools for the first time.