SupplyOn sets up Supply Chain Management Platform for Airbus and other companies in the European aerospace industry

19 7 月, 2010 · 阅读时间 < 2 Min.

SupplyOn, a globally leading provider of web-based solutions for Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the manufacturing industry, has been commissioned by Airbus to set up a platform to optimize logistics processes. This platform will be available to all EADS divisions, as well as the entire European aerospace industry. It forms the basis for standardized, efficient SCM processes in the industry, and will support cooperation with suppliers and make it more transparent.

To drive forward process standardization within the European aerospace industry, Airbus is cooperating in this project within EADS with Eurocopter and Astrium, and across and beyond EADS borders with three other important corporate groups in the industry: Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales. The cooperation entitled BoostAeroSpace began in mid-2010. The initiative's objective is to communicate via a central aerospace SCM platform with suppliers across several levels, and to replace the individual supplier portals currently used.

"With this shared SCM platform for cross-company cooperation we are significantly strengthening the competitive position of European aerospace companies, and at the same time also making a considerable contribution to our cost reduction targets," says Matthias Naumann, Senior Vice President, Global Information Management Services, EADS. "The industry approach, which SupplyOn has applied in the automotive industry with great success, played a critical role in choosing this technology partner."

The new aerospace platform supports the collaborative SCM processes between customers and suppliers within the aerospace industry, and enables foresighted capacity planning, interactive fine tuning of delivery quantities and delivery dates, as well as order status tracking. All processes administered via the platform are completely integrated into the internal systems of the company using it.
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