DEUTZ AG opts for SupplyOn quality solutions:

12 janvier 2009 · Lesedauer < 3 Min.

Comprehensive supplier quality management via the Internet platform of the automotive and manufacturing industry

DEUTZ AG, a leading global manufacturer of diesel engines for the most diverse areas of application, has opted for the extensive use of SupplyOn to increase the transparency of quality management processes with suppliers. The objective here is to make processes safer and more secure and significantly reduce administrative overhead. The processes that will be managed via SupplyOn include complaint management, advanced product quality planning and the exchange of supplier assessments and certificates. The company introduces the SupplyOn web-based solutions at the two German sites, Cologne and Ulm, and connects 300 suppliers in the first stage.

"One important factor with the decision to go with SupplyOn was the company's financial stability, professionalism and industry know-how. Quality management has high strategic importance for us, which is why it is important that we choose a partner that fully maps the processes in our industry and which we can rely on in the long term," emphasizes Bernd Kodinger, Head of Supplier QM and Q-Strategy at DEUTZ AG. "We are also fully convinced that with SupplyOn we can successfully meet the most important challenges in supplier quality management - the prevention of information losses and the traceability of all quality processes."

The following four SupplyOn solutions are used at DEUTZ:

  • Problem Solver for transparent and consistent management of complaints in accordance with the standardized 8D process.
  • Project Management for ensuring a successful start of production early on in the development phase.
  • Performance Monitor for communicating and evaluating supplier assessment data so that possible problems can be identified right away and countermeasures can be introduced early on.
  • Business Directory for fast retrieval of current environmental and quality management certificates from suppliers.



Founded in 1864 in Cologne as N.A. Otto & Cie., DEUTZ AG is now as the oldest engine-producing factory in the world. The company?s key area of expertise is in development, construction, assembly and distribution. DEUTZ has a wide range of liquid and air-cooled engines, and is a "full line motor specialist" with engines in the 10 kW to 500 kW power class.

DEUTZ engines are used in five application segments. In the mobile machinery for construction sites or underground mining segment DEUTZ covers applications ranging from plate compactors to multi-ton dumpers. With stationary plant, primarily the drive for compressors, pumps and power generation equipment, DEUTZ provides solutions for all standard power classes. Agricultural engineering in particular has a special connection with the DEUTZ name. For many internationally renowned manufacturers DEUTZ air and water-cooled engines are the most important components for their agricultural machinery. In the automotive segment DEUTZ delivers engines for utility and railed vehicles all over the world. The marine sector is a multi-faceted market for diesel engines. DEUTZ concentrates here with its compact engines on special niches.

DEUTZ AG has production sites at home and abroad and employs approximately 5,000 people worldwide.