SupplyOn presents new functionality for collaborative coordination of on-time delivery data

October 1, 2014 · reading time < 2 Min.

SupplyOn AG, provider of the supply chain collaboration platform of global industrial companies, is presenting a new functionality for coordinating on-time delivery data (OTD) in a collaborative process between a customer and its suppliers. If a delivery date differs too greatly from the one agreed, the supplier is informed of the deviation and can respond via the system. If, for example, the deviation is the fault of the customer, the negative rating can be canceled. The time slot in which a delivery is rated as being too early or too late can be configured individually.

The possibility of collaborative coordination offers the advantage that the two parties can come to an agreement in a transparent and traceable manner in case of an unjustified rating. The system-supported process is efficient and usually delivers a fast result that is acceptable for both parties.

On the basis of the agreed on-time delivery data, the system automatically calculates key performance indicators, such as the percentage of punctual or late deliveries. This data helps identify weaknesses and sustainably improve a supplier's performance.

Since joint coordination of assessment data is routine in the aerospace industry in particular, SupplyOn has integrated the new functionality in AirSupply, its solution for that industry.