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Forecast Collaboration

Increase your supply security through smart demand planning together with your suppliers

Synchronize demand on multiple levels

Being unable to run production because purchased parts have not been delivered — every production manager’s nightmare, especially when dealing with complex, limited goods. To avoid bottlenecks in volatile times, foresighted close coordination with your suppliers is crucial to be able to plan your own production accordingly. The more precisely suppliers know their customers’ demands, the better they can adapt to them and take measures to ensure on-time delivery.

SupplyOn’s Forecast Collaboration solution creates just this transparency — both for medium-term planning and for spontaneous orders. Alerts provide information about possible deviations or disruptions so that alternatives can be found in time. Thus, the intelligent system enables both sides to identify and eliminate looming supply bottlenecks before they have a harmful impact on business. This boosts productivity and increases delivery reliability — while reducing risks at the same time.

Your benefits of
Forecast Collaboration

Early detection and mitigation of looming supply bottlenecks


Increase in supply reliability by up to 50%


Reduction of inventories by up to 30% through early, reliable delivery commitments

Safeguarding of S&OP for critical components by involving suppliers


Process cost reduction by up to 30% through automation of alignments on Excel basis

Increase in planning accuracy through shorter planning cycles

Forecast Collaboration functionalities at a glance

  • More reliable Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) through collaborative integration of your suppliers and access to decision-relevant information such as capacity commitments and inventory information
  • Dynamic alerts in case of deviations between demand and committed deliveries
  • Common view of all relevant data and the actual situation
  • Shorter planning cycles and thus more accurate demand forecasts possible through simple alignment procedures
  • Demand forecasts and alignments also in relation to classic ordering procedures

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