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Smart Delivery Processes

Manage the delivery of your purchased parts with your global supplier network efficiently via an integrated system

Closing the gap with integrated delivery processes

Integrating delivery processes into the supply chain closes the gap in a process that is not yet fully digitized in many companies. In this regard, it is helpful to have all delivery scenarios easily mapped via one central system that can be adapted in a flexible manner. And it is even better if the delivery process can already be controlled with the demand message in an integrated end-to-end process. This means that all the necessary documents and verifications are available digitally at the time of delivery – from customs documents and documents accompanying transport to material-specific quality and test protocols.

SupplyOn enables this end-to-end data flow, which stabilizes your global deliveries and allows them to be controlled. The advance shipping notification is automatically imported into your inventory management system and can be used for transport assignments. Alerts inform you about potential deviations and disruptions so that you can take countermeasures in good time. Packaging instructions, augmented by AI-supported packaging proposals, not only help your suppliers, but also ensure properly packed and labeled deliveries. These can either be stocked right away or made available for production. And all this comes with full traceability of materials via serial and batch numbers.

Benefits of integrated, smart demand processes

Early detection and mitigation of supply bottlenecks

Up to 40% time savings through smart AI-based processes

Degree of automation for delivery processes of up to 20% possible

One central tool for all delivery process scenarios

Regardless of the underlying order process, all parts can be combined as required and bundled into one delivery

Monitoring of the transport by using the GTL label

Up to 30% time savings in goods receipt when using the GTL label

30% time saving when integrated with a container management system to manage containers and bundles

Full traceability of materials via batch and serial numbers

All delivery processes at a glance

Advance Shipping Notification (ASN)

ASN optimizes your goods receipt: goods to be delivered to you are notified at an early stage. In addition, correct labels ensure fast booking in the warehouse or in production

Paperless Goods Receipt

Paperless Goods Receipt adds quality and customs-related documents to the ASN and enables an entirely paperless goods receipt process

Entry of Services Performed

Performed services can be tracked and documented step by step with Entry of Services Performed - even in the course of extensive and complex projects

Warehouse Collaboration

Warehouse Collaboration allows internal and external distribution warehouses to be integrated as an intermediate step in the delivery process


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