Supplier Information Management

Intelligent, centralized and efficient: supplier master data always up-to-date thanks to a smart community approach

No successful digitization without proper master data

It may seem trivial, but incorrect master data is one of the main problems in the digitization of global manufacturing networks. A letter with an wrong character in the address can still be delivered, but an e-mail with the same error cannot. For this reason, companies must put everything in place to have access to correct and complete master data at all times.

SupplyOn optimizes and automates the maintenance of supplier master data and its central availability in a shared, globally used database. An intelligent, automated process guarantees the continuous updating of data ensuring the highest master data quality.

Advantages of central Supplier Information Management (SIM) via SupplyOn

Reduction of the effort required to maintain supplier master data on both sides by up to 40% through the usage of a central system that can be accessed by everyone

SupplyOn also offers Managed Services, which can further reduce the required effort

Reduction of errors and process costs through access to correct, reliable master data of highest data quality

Avoidance of duplicates through clear identification of companies

Master data maintained by the supplier can be used consistently by the entire organization either directly via SupplyOn or via API in the internal systems

Key features at a glance

    • Central system that can be accessed by everyone and in which suppliers only need to maintain their master data once
    • Unique identification of a company, depending on the region via the DUNS number, the VAT number or the Uniform Social Credit Code (USCC)
    • Master data sets consist of more than 40 fields, including address and contact information, important certificates and audits, as well as financial key figures
    • Central access to a master database of the highest data quality
    • An interface allows the current data sets to be automatically transferred to internal systems


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