Get the insight you need to make the right decisions for your business success

Adding to the integrated solution suite for supply chain management, SupplyOn has two further unique assets to offer:

Asset 1: A leading global business network

SupplyOn’s global business network connects more than 65,000 enterprises worldwide, including mainly the major industry players in the manufacturing industry and their key suppliers.

Asset 2: A 360-degree data lake

SupplyOn manages an extensive data lake that contains all the production and supply chain data of the business partners in a structured manner: Supplier master data, supplier certificates, sourcing requests and bids, delivery schedules, orders, shipping notifications, invoices, supplier evaluations, complaints, IoT data, freight cost data, track and trace data, plus the process-related attachments, to name just a few.

In other words: It is a repository for data from the entire end-to-end process which spans strategic purchasing, procurement, delivery and transport, accounting and supplier development all the way to quality management. This sets SupplyOn apart from traditional offerings.

The SupplyOn Data Lake is fed from all connected customer and supplier systems such as PLM, ERP, MES, WHM and CRM. This not only provides you with a 360° view of the current situation. AI algorithms also enable you to better predict the future and thus stay competitive by leveraging SupplyOn.

The winning team: leading global network AND a 360-degree data lake

Combining both assets with advanced AI algorithms provides the ideal foundation for generating valuable information on the reliability of your supply chain. Information that enables you to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time. Information that helps you to re-shift and re-adopt to changing needs. In short: Information that makes your company faster, more agile and more successful.

As time-to-market is becoming increasingly important, this will help you and your innovative products to stay ahead of the competition.

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