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Billentis study 2024
The global e-invoicing and tax compliance report

How can efficiency, compliance and competitiveness be increased in financial accounting? Read this report, an essential tool for understanding and successfully navigating the complexities of e-invoicing.

Billentis study 2024

The global e-invoicing and tax compliance report: Watch the tornado!

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current landscape and future outlook of electronic invoicing. Authored by pioneers Marcus Laube and Bruno Koch, it delves deeply into the shifts and innovations, driven significantly by advancements in technology and regulatory requirements.

Titled ‚Watch the Tornado‘ it highlights the necessity to stay informed and be prepared for the evolving trends and innovations.

Companies that adapt quickly to these changes, leveraging new technologies and models, will benefit from increased efficiency, compliance, and competitiveness . This report serves as a vital tool for understanding and navigating the complexities of e-invoicing which is increasingly becoming an indispensable standard practice worldwide.

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From the content

  • Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are increasingly integrated with e-invoicing systems, offering new efficiencies and capabilities
  • Beyond electronic invoicing, the shift toward Integrated Digital Trade (Procure to Pay) represents a comprehensive strategy for automating both business transactions and financial operations
  • Country compliance: Tax authorities globally are increasingly adopting electronic invoicing as a strategic measure to combat tax evasion. Likely that these requirements will expand to include additional business documents and ESG criteria 
  • How can organizations successfully implement an e-invoicing project? The challenging path to reach the promised land and the urge for innovative service providers in the midst of regulatory upheaval.
  • Page 138 | 139: How to exploit the full potential of e-invoicing by pursuing a holistic invoicing approach that consistently creates the invoice from the order – thus offering the highest potential for process automation and cost savings

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