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Smart Invoicing

Automated invoice processing through intelligent digitization of the entire P2P process: from order to final payment

Generate invoices from order and delivery data

With SupplyOn, the invoicing process starts long before the creation of the invoice, in fact, right after the purchase order is sent to the supplier. In this way, all relevant data that is generated on both sides during order processing is included in the invoice.

On the one hand, this makes it much easier for the supplier to create the invoice. He can simply generate the invoice based on the order and delivery data. On the other hand, the end-to-end digitized process results in invoices with maximum data quality. In other words, the invoice data match those from the purchase order as well as the goods receipt and can thus be booked automatically.

Your benefits of Smart Invoicing


High level of automation: More than 90 percent of invoices can be automatically booked due to high data quality and structured invoice data

Reduced manual effort in financial administration, as internal checking and approval workflows are eliminated and invoices are automatically checked with purchase orders (P2P Check)

Standardization of invoice data formats: Invoices from different input channels are converted into a standardized format, which facilitates further processing

High transparency: Suppliers can check the status of invoice processing at any time

Key features at a glance

  • Smart control functions and plausibility checks ensure that country-specific, tax-related and customer-specific requirements are met when suppliers create invoices
  • AI-based algorithms fill in missing information
  • The so-called PO flip automatically converts order data into invoice data
  • Coverage of numerous input channels for invoices: from direct connection via EDI and web application to transmission of invoice data via XML, CSV, Excel or PDF
  • PDF invoices are converted into a structured, digital invoice file that can be processed automatically at the customer’s site
Case study

Bosch provides suppliers with a comprehensive view of their invoice status, independent of the invoicing channel

The Bosch Group receives its suppliers’ invoices through many different channels, from paper to eInvoicing. Until recently, however, suppliers could obtain an overview of the processing status only for electronically sent invoices. As a result, in addition to balance confirmations or reminders, general inquiries about payment dates or the status of an invoice began to accumulate. For this reason, Bosch, together with SupplyOn, developed a Finance Portal that provides suppliers with a comprehensive view of the processing status regardless of the invoice channel. A request channel in the Finance Portal, which is integrated with other Bosch tools, further reduces internal administrative work and increases the service level.

Smart Invoicing – How to exploit the full potential of digital invoices

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