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Career as:
Consultant Supply Chain Digitization in Munich

Shaping supply chain digitization as a consultant

Are you interested in a career as a Consultant in Supply Chain Digitization? Here you will find all the information you need to understand how varied and responsible this position at SupplyOn is.

The role of the Supply Chain Consultant

The tasks of the Supply Chain Digitization Consultant are varied and challenging. SupplyOn offers various modules, processes and applications on its platform for digitizing global supply chains and improving collaboration between customers and suppliers.

From requirements analysis to use

  • Together with the customer, you will accompany the implementation of suitable SupplyOn software solutions and support them in integrating these into their existing processes and systems.
  • At the start of a project, you first discuss the customer’s needs and challenges in the respective area of their supply chain and conduct process workshops.
  • You will examine the customer’s relevant process flows in order to map them digitally on the SupplyOn platform and to identify any weaknesses and opportunities for optimization – for example in terms of efficiency, resilience, sustainability and supply chain transparency.
  • You then configure the processes individually for the customer in the modules of the SupplyOn platform.
  • You train key users from customers and suppliers in the use of the solutions so that they can train other users according to the train-the-trainer principle.
  • Your aim is to use the new digital processes and tools across the board in day-to-day operations. This will enable the desired increases in efficiency, resilience, sustainability and transparency.
  • You are responsible for adherence to quality, time and budget and thus for the successful completion of your tasks and projects.
  • You will work closely with your customers’ purchasing, procurement and quality departments as well as IT specialists.
  • Through close coordination and cooperation, you ensure the successful implementation of digital SupplyOn solutions.
  • You will be available to the customer as a contact person throughout all project phases.
  • As a Supply Chain Digitization Consultant, you will benefit from the fact that SupplyOn works with cutting-edge technology and that our product development team is continuously optimizing and adapting our in-house products accordingly.
  • As a result, you will continuously develop your skills in SupplyOn applications and will then be able to offer your customers improved applications, implement innovations and keep them up to date with potentials and market trends.

Overall, the role of Supply Chain Digitization Consultant at SupplyOn is a role in which you make a significant contribution to optimizing customers’ supply chains and increasing their competitiveness.

Your tasks are diverse

The Consultant Supply Chain Digitization as…

As a Senior Consultant, you will manage complex customer projects from conception to implementation. With methodical project management, you ensure customer satisfaction and the achievement of project goals.

Your responsibility lies in the corresponding project management. As a Junior Consultant, you will also quickly take on sub-project responsibility and continue your training in project management through certifications such as PRINCE2.

You record customer requirements and find optimal implementation options within the SupplyOn application landscape.

Through process workshops on site at the customer’s offices, in the office or remotely, you ensure that important requirements are successfully identified. At the same time, you will train customers and new employees in the use of SupplyOn software solutions.

You accompany the transformation of the customer’s processes. This ensures the smooth use of the new processes and their integration into the customer’s tool landscape.

The digitization of processes changes the collaboration between customers and suppliers. You will therefore provide the customer with appropriate information, communication and training and take responsibility for driving change management at the customer.

You actively shape close coordination with stakeholders and project team members and develop your presentation, moderation and communication skills through on-the-job training, self-organized learning and further training.

Supporting the sales process, conception and acquisition of further consulting projects. You clarify the scope of projects, ask questions and prepare cost estimates.

Drive digitization in the supply chain.

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Your specialization in Supply Chain Digitization Consulting

At SupplyOn, you can specialize according to applications and business processes. We differentiate between focus topics depending on the process area.

These can be:

  • Source-to-contract processes, with supplier management, sourcing, eAuctions, carbon footprint, etc.
  • Purchase-to-pay processes of operational procurement from notification of requirements, confirmation, delivery and transportation to electronic invoicing
  • Quality management, with industry-specific processes such as complaints management via 8D/9S, APQP & PPAP, audit management
  • AirSupply, with specific processes for the aerospace industry
  • EDI, with a focus on integrating the systems of purchasing and supplying companies with the SupplyOn platformor
  • Supplier onboarding and training to successfully roll out the digitalized processes together with customers and suppliers

Of course, it is possible and actively supported to change topics over time or to move to other areas at SupplyOn and our global locations.

FAQ Consultant Supply Chain Digitization in Munich

Your daily routine is characterized by close cooperation with customers and internal teams and is divided into appointments and meeting-free time.

You will work on international projects for our customers and coordinate with stakeholders from a wide range of nationalities, as well as internally with your colleagues from the USA and China.

You will mainly work remotely and carry out your day-to-day business from your home office or the SupplyOn office – if you are interested in our benefit of mobile working abroad, you can also work from abroad up to thirty days a year.

The SupplyOn office in Hallbergmoos near Munich is always available for personal exchanges with colleagues and for organizing workshops and training courses.

Thanks to trust-based working hours and our flexible working time models, you have a high degree of autonomy in organizing your day-to-day work.

Provided you are available for your customers and meet your project targets, you can organize your work-life integration according to your needs.

Your goal every day is to successfully drive forward the digitization of supply chains for customers and achieve sustainable improvements.

Get first-hand insights into customer projects, working methods and requirements in consulting at SupplyOn in the interview with Senior Consultant Supply Chain Digitization Kathrin Reimann.

At SupplyOn, Supply Chain Consultants have the opportunity to organize their working hours flexibly. This means that you can determine both your working hours and your place of work individually.

Of course, it is important that you as a consultant are available for your customers. This is where your personal responsibility comes into play. You ensure that you provide customer support.

Nevertheless, the flexible working time models at SupplyOn offer you as a Consultant the opportunity to plan and prioritize your work in such a way that you can optimize your work-life integration.

This high degree of flexibility and work-life balance is actively supported by the managers at SupplyOn.

Find out for yourself in the interview “Health and success” with Vice President Thomas Bickert. Find out what tips he gives colleagues on work-life integration and how they benefit from flexible working hours.

At SupplyOn, we are proud to give our employees the opportunity to organize their working hours flexibly so that they can find a good work-life balance.

Because we are convinced that only satisfied and balanced employees achieve the best results.

To join SupplyOn as a Supply Chain Digitization Consultant, the following is required:

  • a successfully completed degree in business administration, industrial engineering, business informatics or a comparable subject area
  • or a comparable qualification with professional experience

Sound knowledge of business processes, preferably in areas such as purchasing, quality management or supply chain management, is appreciated. Experience in project work and in the IT environment is an advantage.

An affinity for IT and enjoyment of digital solutions for the industry are also important. In addition, excellent language skills, especially in German and English, are desirable. Knowledge of French or Japanese is an advantage.

With these skills, you have a solid foundation to join us as a consultant for the digitization of global supply chains.

Additional skills / abilities in the senior area:

  • Experience in the use of common project management methods such as PRINCE2.
  • Industry knowledge in the automotive, manufacturing or aerospace industry.

We differentiate between Junior Consultants, Consultants and Senior Consultants.

As a Junior Consultant Supply Chain digitization, you are an application expert and continuously develop your skills in SupplyOn’s software solutions. You will configure and test the applications, work on your tasks independently and take on your first sub-projects.

As a consultant, you have already built up process know-how and can implement and roll out applications independently. You will take on the management of sub-projects or small projects.

As a Senior Consultant, you will act as a project manager. The greater your wealth of experience, the more you manage and ensure quality and projects for our customers, while passing on your experience and know-how to less experienced colleagues.

Your development from Junior to Senior Consultant is usually achieved by gradually increasing your level of responsibility.

You will receive qualifications in project management topics such as PRINCE2 or “Winning complex Sales” and take part in training courses to improve your presentation and communication skills as well as workshop design.

The position of Supply Chain Digitization Consultant offers a wide range of benefits for your professional development: you will work with leading companies from various industries, which will expand your specialist and industry knowledge.

Constantly adapting to new technologies and innovative solutions will enhance your technical skills and understanding.

You will also have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and expand your project management experience. You can lead projects from start to finish and communicate with teams and stakeholders at various levels.

Everyday working life as a Consultant in Munich

Would you like to find out more about what a Consultant does at SupplyOn?

Gain personal insights in an interview with Senior Supply Chain Digitization Consultant Kathrin Reimann and learn about a possible career path as a consultant at SupplyOn.

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