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Demand Processes

Manage demand processes with your global supplier network efficiently via an integrated system

The appropriate demand process for each component

Delivery call-off, single order or master contract, VMI or Kanban? There is an optimal demand process for each component. Depending on the location, this process can even be different for one and the same component. Fortunately, this variety of processes can easily be mapped using a central system that is flexible enough to allow the selected process to be changed at any time. It’s even better when these processes are embedded into an integrated end-to-end process, from forecasting to transportation to invoicing.

This results in an end-to-end data flow that stabilizes your global supply chains and makes them resilient to any disruptions. Feedback from your business partners, such as order confirmations, is automatically integrated into the relevant transaction. Alerts inform you about possible deviations or disruptions so that you can take countermeasures at an early stage. AI-powered analytics create transparent insights from the data of these processes into what your suppliers will deliver and when, providing valuable decision-relevant information.

Benefits of integrated, smart demand processes

Early detection and mitigation of supply bottlenecks

Up to 40% time savings through smart AI-based processes

Degree of automation in ordering processes of up to 20% possible

One central tool for all order types

Regardless of the underlying ordering process, all parts can be combined as required and grouped into one delivery

All demand processes at a glance


Classic order processes, including flexible order confirmation, support a wide variety of order types such as value or quantity-limited orders as well as free-text orders

Delivery call-off

Call-offs offer maximum flexibility on the basis of master contracts and allow individual control of your demands


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