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Transport Visibility

Detect delivery delays and transport-related quality issues long before the goods arrive – thus avoiding disruptions in production or a drop in customer satisfaction

Monitoring of your transports in real-time

On-time delivery of goods is essential to avoid production disruptions at either your company or your customers. At the same time, transport routes are particularly vulnerable to disruptions and delays are often only visible at a late stage.

With SupplyOn Transport Visibility, you can monitor your transports in real-time and thus identify potential risks regarding delivery dates or material damage at an early stage. This not only helps you to proactively avoid production downtimes, but also ensures cost-efficient, smooth processes throughout the entire supply chain.

Benefits of an enhanced transport visibility

Transparency on delays or quality issues at material number level – even for international, multimodal and consolidated transports

Significant reduction of manual effort through ERP connection, intelligent ETA analyses and exception-based alerts

Route and logistics service provider optimization through continuous performance analysis

Key features at a glance

    • Real-time monitoring of location (GPS, geo-data) and transport quality (temperature, humidity, brightness, vibrations, etc.)
    • Coverage of all freight types: CEP | sea and air freight | road and rail
    • Centralized, easy connection to 2,500 logistics service providers worldwide
    • Smart drill-down analytics based on machine learning and artificial intelligence


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