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Efficient Supply Chain Management for the Aerospace industry

Handling supplier processes via a shared industry platform

Companies from the aerospace industry rely more than ever on a perfectly functioning supply chain. After all, the production processes involved are highly complex. An end product such as a long-haul aircraft comprises around 4 million individual parts – 70 percent to 80 percent of which are provided by external suppliers. The material requirements and ordering processes are equally complex, too, and need to be closely coordinated with suppliers. SupplyOn’s AirSupply solution provides optimal support for collaborative SCM processes between customers and suppliers. It reproduces the proven processes of the aerospace industry, such as proactive capacity planning, interactive fine-tuning of the delivery quantity and date, and the tracking of order and delivery status on a shared web platform.

The shared AirSupply industry platform optimizes not only the working relationship between the manufacturer and suppliers but also communication with suppliers in the downstream supply chain. The resulting end-to-end data flow over several levels of the supply chain creates more stable supply chains by permitting early identification of and reaction to impending shortages.

Initiative for the standardization of processes and data formats

The development of AirSupply can be traced back to an initiative to standardize processes and data formats within the European aerospace industry known as BoostAeroSpace. This company was founded by Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales in order to manage a range of online services, with AirSupply covering supply chain management. The strategic aim is to increase the competitiveness of the European aerospace and defense industry by increasing collaboration and communication between suppliers and customers.

All AirSupply processes at a glance

Smart processes in purchasing – seamless and 100% compliant

Automated invoicing through intelligent digitization of the P2P process

Optimizing the incoming goods process with Advance Shipping Notification

Reducing your capital costs through lower warehouse stock levels

Maximum transparency through smart, collaborative On Time Delivery

Structured approval process for parts deviating from the specification

Efficient complaint management thanks to structured 9S processes

Minimizing quality and supply risks through insight into the suppliers’ production


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Use case Sensor Clouds

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