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Outbound Transport Management

Increase your customers’ satisfaction through maximum compliance with delivery schedules and just-in-time deliveries and reduce your costs and manual effort at the same time

Enhancing customer experience

Outbound logistics is mainly about getting your products to your customers at the right moment and at the most favorable conditions. However, the right moment often means: as quickly as possible, which in turn drives up the costs.

Our transport management solution enables you to balance costs and customer satisfaction in the best possible way and without much effort. The system either automatically determines the optimal transport type or helps you identify the provider with the best conditions for each shipment with just a few clicks.

Your benefits of an optimized
Outbound Transport Management


Reduction of manual effort to determine the right service provider – which can be the lowest priced or the most reliable – by up to 15 percent

Reduction of freight costs through simple identification of the most favorable provider

Key features at a glance

  • Coverage of all freight types: CEP | sea and air freight | road and rail
  • Central, easy connection to 2,500 logistics service providers
  • Support for the selection of the most cost-effective or most reliable transport service provider via extensive analytics functionalities
  • Efficient integration of shipping labels in your ERP and WMS systems – without usage of external service provider portals
  • Fully integrated connection to your ERP system and thus transmission of detailed order data to the TM system as well as transmission of status and transport cost information back to the ERP system
Outbound transport automation

Ad hoc, dynamic — yet efficient

Compared to inbound shipping, outbound transportation has its own unique challenges. But despite the many difficulties, you can manage outbound shipments efficiently and automatically, for example, by using the Shipment Data Entry mask to efficiently support ad-hoc shipments. Or by digitally and automatically scheduling regular outbound shipments. But the most powerful leap in efficiency comes from combining inbound and outbound in a single system.

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