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Supply Chain Collaboration

Maximum supply security and complete transparency from demand to delivery with the leading industry solution — collaborative, smart and agile

Maximum supply security through smart control of your demands

Companies depend on a fully orchestrated supply chain in order to prevent production downtimes and to ensure the on-time delivery of purchased materials to the assembly line. On the one hand, it is important to cover all types of ordering and delivery processes via one central system — from classic orders to JIT, JIS, VMI and Kanban. On the other hand, digitization and seamless integration of supply chain-related processes is crucial, such as the exchange of quality documents and certificates or transport management.

SupplyOn’s supply chain solution perfectly supports various collaborative SCM processes between customers and suppliers in the short, medium and long term: it transparently maps processes such as capacity planning, interactive fine-tuning of delivery quantity and delivery date, purchase order and order confirmation, goods transport and receipt, and tracking of order and delivery status for all parties involved. The resulting end-to-end data flow ensures highly efficient and smooth processing. As a result, you gain transparent insight into what is actually happening in your supply chains. Using AI-based analytics, bottlenecks can be identified at an early stage and be successfully mitigated through targeted intervention.

Efficient and transparent

Holistic Supplier Management for increased resilience

A holistic approach to supplier management allows complex supply chains to be resilient and agile. The central platform integration enables seamless collaboration and data flow, leading to higher efficiency, transparency and significant cost savings.

Your benefits of
Supply Chain Collaboration

Ensuring supply through consistent collaboration with your suppliers

High acceptance among your suppliers thanks to proven, industry-specific solutions


Up to 40% time savings through automated material procurement

Early detection and mitigation of supply bottlenecks through comprehensive transparency and AI-based forecasts

Flexibility in your procurement strategy through one central tool for all types of orders

Additional savings and improvements by integrating supply-chain-related processes

The integration of transport management provides complete transparency on the transport route at material number level and maximizes supply security


The integration of the invoice process enables an automated booking rate of up to 95% thanks to the consistent usage of previous receipts

The integration of quality-related documents and certificates reduces manual effort and speeds up the receipt of goods

Integration of parts quality increases the product quality of purchased parts and facilitates quality control as well as root cause analysis in case of quality issues

8 modules for the optimization of your global, multi-level SCM processes

Capacity Management

Secure suppliers’ long term production capacities and minimize supply risks

Forecast Collaboration

Plan and jointly coordinate medium-term demands on a rolling basis

Demand Processes

Manage procurement processes with your global supplier network efficiently via an integrated system

Delivery Processes

Process delivery and goods receipt of purchased parts in an optimized manner

Parts Quality Integration

Integrate quality assurance into the delivery process — digitally, seamlessly, efficiently

Transport Integration

Optimize your inbound transports without any additional effort for your suppliers

Supply Chain Visibility

Comprehensive transparency over the supply chain and AI-based early warning systems to be able to intervene in time

Invoicing & Payment Collaboration

Simplify invoicing and automate invoice validation

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