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Our Understanding of Leadership

The future of global supply chains is digital, connected, sustainable and resilient.

At SupplyOn, we are passionate about anticipating this future today. Our goal is not only to meet the needs and expectations of our customers but also to develop innovative, high-quality, and sustainable solutions for the industry of tomorrow with utmost dedication.

Our employees play a crucial role in this endeavor: Our strong diversity and excellent team spirit foster creativity and bring innovations to life in their implementation.

To keep it that way, we do everything we can to place a future-oriented, agile, committed and sustainable mindset at the heart of everything we do and actively promote it.

Accordingly, the management culture at SupplyOn is characterized by commitment, future orientation and sustainability.

Developed by employees for employees

Our leadership values and principles were developed together with our employees, our change agents.

Our leadership values guide us in our collaboration, shape the working atmosphere and describe how we approach the challenges of tomorrow as a secure employer and successful provider.

SupplyOn Leadership Prinzipien, Führungskultur, Leadership Werte

Our leadership principles and values

The following leadership values and principles serve as a compass for all SupplyOn employees and guide our actions.

We do not understand leadership in terms of positions, but as an attitude. We believe that leadership involves all employees, not just managers.

At SupplyOn, the focus is on each individual and the team. The title of our leadership initiative “LOVE TO LEAD” underlines our human centricity approach. For us, leadership is about relationships, passion and connection.

We are proud of how leadership is practised at SupplyOn and are open to innovations and changes that will continue to shape our leadership culture in the future.

SupplyOn Leadership Prinzipien, Führungskultur, Leadership Werte


We always challenge the status quo and proactively look for opportunities for improvement and innovation.

We provide time, space and incentives for creativity and innovative thinking at all hierarchical levels and in all areas.

SupplyOn Leadership Prinzipien, Führungskultur, Leadership Werte


We listen actively and take responsibility even beyond our area of responsibility. Only through in-depth knowledge and comprehensive collaboration will we be successful at all levels.

We are one team. We trust each other, accept transparent decisions and are jointly responsible.

We create an open, respectful and trusting environment for our colleagues and business partners.

We value every opinion and the contribution of every individual, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, team or position.

SupplyOn Leadership Prinzipien, Führungskultur, Leadership Werte

Long-term Thinking

We implement our long-term plans through targeted prioritization.

We acknowledge that resilient processes and software are the foundation for sustainable growth and development. We therefore strive for a healthy balance between long-term benefits and short-term opportunities.

We create an environment in which we can develop employees and teams accordingly.

We make knowledge easily accessible and understandable for internal and external stakeholders.

SupplyOn Leadership Prinzipien, Führungskultur, Leadership Werte

Customer Value

The success of our customers is the key to our own success.

We build trusting relationships with internal and external customers, by making clear commitments and keeping them. We take feedback seriously and implement sustainable improvements.

We understand the expected added value for our internal and external customers and provide the corresponding solutions and services.

SupplyOn Leadership Prinzipien, Führungskultur, Leadership Werte


We take responsibility, encourage self-organized teams and trust in their decisions and recommendations.

We see our employees as the key to success and pay attention to their well-being.

We encourage and enable our employees to take responsibility for their own development and their individual development process.

We continuously provide open and honest feedback at all hierarchical levels and see failures as an opportunity to learn.

Living leadership principles and values

How do employees live the SupplyOn Leadership values and principles in their day-to-day work?

Read an interview with VP Korbinian Reng and Change Agents Marian Wilken and Dominik Maier to find out more.

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Work at SupplyOn

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You are a good fit for us if you aspire to develop yourself in the realm of leadership with a future-oriented, committed, and sustainable approach, just like we do. Our five leadership values—Innovation, Co-Creation, Long-term Thinking, Customer Value, and Self-Development—serve as the compass guiding us.

If you are seeking to work for an employer with clear leadership values and special leadership trainings, we invite you to submit your application, including your earliest possible start date and salary expectations.

We look forward to engaging in conversation with you!

Robert Bingler

Robert Bingler

Senior Talent Attraction Specialist