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Integrated Transport & Empties Management

End-to-end supply chain visibility and real-time overview of all transport risks

High savings potential through intelligent transport control

SupplyOn offers you a smart solution that seamlessly maps the entire process from demand to transport formation and optimization with intelligent carrier selection to freight invoicing. This links your material demand processes with the associated transport processes in a smart way. As a result, the end-to-end process not only becomes more efficient and cost-effective, but above all it is relieved of disruptions and risks.

This is the only way to leverage the full potential of your supply chain: You can access real-time analytics to see where your goods are at any given time. Alerts keep you informed about potential delays so that you can make route corrections in good time. Intelligent analysis functionalities enable you to anticipate and avoid risks.

Your benefits of
Transport & Empties Management

Global network of 2,500 logistics service providers and over 140,000 business partners


Enormous savings potential: Reduce your logistics costs by up to 20 percent

8 modules for optimizing your global transport processes

Transport Visibility

Track & Trace at material number level for an overview of all transports in real-time

Inbound Transport Management

Real-time control of the delivery of your production material

Freight Accounting Portal

Automated billing and reduction of freight costs

Empties Management

Plan the cycle of your containers smartly and manage it in an agile way

Outbound Transport Management

Cost-efficient handling of your outbound shipments

Transport Carbon Footprint

Reduce CO2 emission of transports by intelligent route planning

Mobile Track

Getting a grip on the last mile by tracing your shipments

Dock/Slot Management

Efficient planning and allocation of delivery slots

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