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Sustainability | ESG

Shaping and managing supply chains according to your ESG goals within a global supplier network

Together for a better future

When it comes to achieving the ESG goals of manufacturing companies, the consideration of the entire supply network plays a central role. These challenging goals can only be successfully implemented in close cooperation with all those involved.

SupplyOn supports you with a wide range of solutions to achieve your sustainability goals together with your suppliers. This begins with the selection of suppliers from a sustainability perspective and continues with the collaborative determination of the CO2 footprint, the monitoring of environmental aspects right through to CO2-optimized transport route management.

“We are convinced that sustainability must be an integral part of the supply chain management, in order to reconcile sustainability aspects, environmental protection and social responsibility — comprehensively and without additional effort. Our community approach with industry-specific standard solutions provides the optimal basis to take suppliers along on your ESG journey — collaboratively and without overburdening them.“

Korbinian Reng Vice President Portfolio Management & Marketing
Carbon Footprint

Jointly achieving ambitious climate targets in your supply chain

Up to 80% of CO2 emissions in the manufacturing industry come from the supply chain. So, CO2 emissions must be taken into account in all corporate decisions affecting the supply chain. The starting point for addressing this responsibility is the availability of reliable data. SupplyOn offers a holistic concept that considers the Company Carbon Footprint (CCF), the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and the emissions caused by transport. This creates the basis for targeted emissions management and the sustainable reduction of your carbon footprint.

Your benefits of handling
Sustainability and ESG aspects via SupplyOn

Reduction of additional effort for suppliers by integrating ESG aspects into existing processes and tools

Seamless integration of ESG information into your purchasing and procurement processes

Simple implementation of measures to increase the sustainability of your suppliers – through proven industry standards for supplier development and action management

Full transparency on ESG standards of your suppliers through shared community information

The most important features at a glance

  • Sustainable Sourcing supports you in considering all sustainability aspects including the CO2 footprint. These footprints are already taken into account when selecting suppliers
  • Sustainable Transport Management gives you full transparency on your Scope 3 emissions and shows you the potential for optimizing CO2 reduction in transport management
  • Supply Chain Visibility helps you to identify critical suppliers and supply paths with increased ESG risk (so-called hotspots)
  • The integration of ESG information from a wide range of data sources and the comparison with your supplier base ensures full transparency in supplier management
  • Control mechanisms within the supply chain collaboration allow valid Procure-to-Pay processes, valid verifications and certificates to be reliably queried
  • Query and validate supplier CO2 information and integrate this data into your internal CO2 management
  • Continuous improvement at different levels through joint definition and implementation of measures with your suppliers allows you to achieve your sustainability goals

Gartner research

3 Steps for Effective Supplier Engagement in Sustainability

Under increased pressure to drive ESG improvements through their sustainable procurement strategy, CPOs often struggle when engaging suppliers. In a recent research Gartner outlines 3 critical steps CPOs must take to effectively involve suppliers.

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