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Capacity Management

Increase the resilience of your supply chains through smart capacity management with your suppliers

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Optimize S&OP through early capacity confirmation

When it comes to procuring sought-after, limited goods, things can get really tight. To avoid bottlenecks and secure quantities in the long-term, foresighted, cyclical coordination with your suppliers is absolutely essential. Your suppliers should be able to identify trends and know as precisely as possible what capacities will be needed in the long-term. The more transparently you communicate your planning, the better your suppliers can adapt to it and take precautions to secure future supplies.

SupplyOn Capacity Management continuously shows your suppliers your future demands and compares them with the committed capacities. In addition, sales fluctuations and product lifecycle changes are displayed and mirrored with your supplier network. Intelligent alerts inform you about possible deviations or disruptions so that you can take countermeasures well in advance. Supply bottlenecks in your supplier network and the related disruptions of your production can thus be optimally prevented. The transfer of data to your S&OP plan ensures smooth planning and secures your own supply capability.

Your benefits of
Capacity Management

Long-term assurance of supply capacities for critical materials


Reduction of lead times and planning cycles by up to 20%

No production downtime due to lack of purchased parts

Validation of your S&OP planning with delivery commitments for critical parts


Reduction of process costs by up to 30% through automation of manual capacity adjustments

Capacity Management functions at a glance

  • Improved Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) through the collaborative integration of your suppliers and access to decision-relevant information such as capacity commitments and inventory information
  • Dynamic alerts in case of discrepancies between demand and committed capacities
  • Easy identification of bottlenecks and supply chain network risks
  • Joint access to all relevant data and thus to the actual current situation
  • Functionalities such as deviation monitoring and capacity commitment secure your S&OP planning
No more out of supply

How capacity management builds resilience into supply chains

By matching demand on the customer side with the supplier’s capacities, the two worlds can be reconciled. The focus is on medium-term production and supply capacities, usually in the range of six to 18 months.

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