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Smart Business Analytics

Keep an eye on all critical supply chain scenarios – 24/7 on desktop and mobile

Smart KPIs for your supply chain management

Sometimes the collaboration with suppliers is not as efficient as desired: Required goods do not arrive at all, too late or in the wrong quantity. Shipping and delivery status information is missing. Projects or optimization measures are not implemented on time. And much more…

For this reason, it is crucial to find out where things are going wrong in the operational process and to resolve any issues as fast as possible. SupplyOn’s Business Analytics provide the necessary insights for exactly this purpose. Intelligent analyses allow detailed evaluations of supplier performance and cooperation, for example on specific ordering or delivery behavior. This not only provides a quick identification of problem causes. Potential supply risks can also be detected at an early stage, whilst process costs can be reduced as well as the operational efficiency of the entire supply chain increased.

Your benefits of
Smart Business Analytics

Full transparency and control over operational processes thanks to process-specific KPIs

Continuous improvement in efficiency and process optimization thanks to long-term analyses of collaboration and process quality

Faster adaptation of digital processes in the supply chain and and thus related cost savings

Significant reduction of missing supplies due to early identification of bottlenecks at the supplier’s end

Savings on shipments through timely detection of transportation problems

Key features at a glance

  • Detailed insights into the onboarding status and the daily usage of the specific solutions
  • Smart linking and evaluation of data from various SupplyOn solutions
  • Customized interfaces for delivery and integration of external data
  • Data analysis based on artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Display of real-time status and historical data
  • Customizable reports and dashboards with many filter options
  • Analyses available for desktop as well as mobile via the app
  • Integration of raw data into your own business intelligence applications

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Securing supply despite high volatility

Limited transport capacities and last-minute changes of demands repeatedly cause disruptions in the flow of materials. With the help of Transport Volume Forecast, companies can work closely with carriers to optimally secure their transports and ensure deliveries to their plants and customers — while also benefiting from other advantages such as active volume management and cost savings.

Fast rollout and broad usage of digital solutions

Digital processes can only unleash their full potential if they are rolled out quickly and used holistically by all parties. For this reason, SupplyOn continuously monitors the rollout success as well as the usage quality and intensity of the individual solutions and sub-processes with various usage monitors. This enables companies to detect at a glance where digital collaboration with suppliers can still be optimized.

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