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Optimized seamless process for more success in your strategic procurement

Smart control of sourcing projects

In strategic procurement, the journey from the initial inquiry to the signed contract can be very long, especially for complex components. This is because not only the price, but a number of other criteria determine which supplier is finally awarded the contract. These need to be evaluated in a structured way in the course of a sourcing project.

SupplyOn transparently maps the complex Source-to-Contract process and enables the structured processing and control of the project via smart workflows. This begins with the sourcing strategy and continues through the request for quotation with follow-up price negotiation to the awarding of the most suitable supplier. The result is a fully traceable sourcing project that complies with all legal and company-specific requirements — including seamless integration into your internal systems.

Your benefits of


Up to 20% time savings in decision-making in sourcing projects


Reduction of manual effort in the process from inquiry to contract by up to 30%

Reduction of purchasing costs through more transparent negotiations


100% compliance through documented, traceable procurement processes

5 modules of a seamless Source-to-Contract process


Inquiry processes: Request for Information (RfI) and Quotation (RfQ)

Contract Management

Integrated contract management simplifies the awarding of contracts


Efficient online price negotiations including transparent award decisions

Document Management

All contract documents with link to the underlying sourcing project in one central location


Integration of the two quality assurance processes Technical Review and APQP for development and new parts

Product Carbon Footprint

Transparency about the actual footprint of your products throughout the whole supply chain

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