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Visibility & Analytics

Make smart decisions based on comprehensive transparency of your supply chain: 360°, end-to-end and in real time

Intelligent analytics for your supply chain management

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. But what’s even more important: Only intelligent analysis and the linkage of data enable the transparency that is necessary to make smart decisions and take targeted measures. Since supply chains are an extremely complex and finely tuned construct, an end-to-end, 360° view is of particular importance for smooth processes. SupplyOn Visibility & Analytics provides companies with valuable information and in-depth insights across all process stages – from sourcing and purchasing, through the production process on the supplier’s site and the transport of the goods, right up to invoicing and quality management.

Data from internal departments as well as from external partners, such as suppliers and logistics service providers, plus in an ideal case from other stages of the supply chain (multi-tier), is collected in real time at one central location. Sophisticated analysis mechanisms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ensure that you can identify and eliminate inefficiencies in the process and possible supply disruptions at an early stage. This enables you to achieve a more agile and resilient supply chain and at the same time to lay the foundation for the self-controlling supply chain of the future.

Your benefits of
Visibility & Analytics

High transparency and control over all internal and external supply chain processes

Sophisticated, targeted decisions through smart analytics based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Savings of up to 30% through optimized processes and the early avoidance or minimization of delivery, transport and quality problems

Increased competitiveness, agility and resilience in the supply chain through real-time and long-term analytics

The two pillars of Visibility & Analytics

Business Analytics

Process-specific analyses to uncover inefficiencies in the cooperation with suppliers and logistics service providers and to eliminate them in a targeted manner

Supply Chain Visibility

Comprehensive analysis of supply chain performance across all process stages to identify supply risks and their impact on your own efficiency at an early stage

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