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Manufacturing Visibility

Minimize delivery and quality risks through insight into your suppliers’ production

SupplyOn empowers your supply chain

By integrating data from the supplier’s production (machine data, OEE, FYD) into the ordering and delivery process, valuable insights into the current state of production are created – both for the supplier and, if desired, for the customer. This end-to-end digitization enables both sides to respond more quickly and professionally to fluctuations in demand: The supplier receives changes without delay, the customer immediately recognizes whether a changed order can be fulfilled.

Close synchronization between current requirements and production planning at the supplier’s end makes it possible to smooth production processes and thus increase productivity. Thanks to a regular exchange of data – both upstream and downstream – a control loop is also created that leads to ever better data over time. This means that production planning can be continuously optimized on both the supplier and customer sides, resulting in significant savings in terms of costs and time.

Benefits of Manufacturing Visibility

Improved production load utilization leads to savings of up to 20 percent

Fast response to bottleneck situations – both in the event of an increase in demand as well as supply constraints due to material shortages

Production problems at the supplier are quickly identified and can be promptly addressed by taking countermeasures

Process improvement through digital transmission of quality data 

Additional benefit is simple traceability of parts (also serialized), since production, delivery and quality data are available electronically

Key features at a glance

    • Detailed insight into production progress at the supplier’s site
    • AI algorithms improve forecasting
    • Traceability
    • Alignment of production capacity at your supplier with your long-term planning (e.g., S&OP)
    • Data sovereignty: the supplier decides which data to share with which customer

Practical examples for Manufacturing Visibility


Do you want to minimize your supply and quality risks by gaining insight into your suppliers’ production? 

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