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Supply Chain Visibility

Full transparency of all processes in your supply chain, end-to-end and in real-time to take countermeasures at an early stage when faced with problems

Clear visibility across all process stages

Intelligent and efficient supply chain management requires transparency across all process levels. Starting with sourcing and purchasing, through the production process on the supplier’s site and the transport of the goods, right up to invoicing and quality management.

SupplyOn’s Supply Chain Visibility brings together information from different departments and aggregates it with date from external sources. Intelligent analyses based on machine learning and artificial intelligence not only show the current status in real-time, but also identify potential supply disruptions in advance, assess their impact and suggest countermeasures as well as solutions.

This brings you a decisive step closer to the self-controlling supply chain. You minimize costs and risks, increase your flexibility and benefit from stable, crisis-proof processes.

Benefits of Supply Chain Visibility

Full transparency of all internal and external process steps in the supply chain

Early alerts when problems are detected, including impact analysis and solution proposals 

Key features at a glance

    • Diverse individual analyses: from sourcing scenarios, supplier risks and capacity management via production progress and quality at the supplier to transport capacities and quality, ETA and inventory forecasts, invoice mapping as well as supplier performance
    • Linking of all available internal data from the various partial processes, SupplyOn services and departments
    • Integration of numerous external data sources: strategic location risks such as geo- or meteorological risks, socio-political and sustainability topics; supplier MES, sensors, data clouds, satellite positioning, etc.
    • Flexible extensibility of analytics via API connectivity
    • High-performance computer cluster for machine learning
    • Daily data processing of more than 200 GB

Practical examples for Supply Chain Visibility

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