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Gartner Supply Chain Brief

The key to emerging strengthened from the pandemic: Manage your supply chain through a Control Tower

Businesses have been taking a second look at how their supply chain has been running since the hard hit of the pandemic.  Gartner has put it plain and simple: “Resetting after a pandemic is a high-risk, high-impact scenario in which velocity can set leaders apart.” Restructuring a business is not an easy task but, in the end, you will be grateful you took the time and manpower to get it done.  And the best thing you can do for your supply chain is to implement a Control Tower.

SupplyOn has the ability to gather data from multiple systems on both the customer and supplier side. These systems can include ERP, MRP, Transport Management, IoT Sensors and more. By aggregating and analyzing this data and displaying it in dashboards, raw data turns into valuable information. Information that allows you to safely manage your supply chain. There are many IT providers who claim similar things, but only SupplyOn is able to enrich the actual real-time data from your supply chain, deriving from your systems as well as your supplierยดs systems, with external data.

Let us show you the potential of a Control Tower solution and advise you on the “art of the possible”.

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