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SupplyOn DAISY

The Data Space Industry for sovereign data exchange with business partners

To meet the challenges of global supply chain management, efficient data exchange along the supply chain is essential. DAISY, a new product from SupplyOn, offers companies a Managed Data Space through which all companies can exchange any data with their business partners in a structured manner and in compliance with data sovereignty. Data sovereignty in this context means that only data released by the customer is passed on.

DAISY can be operated via different ways, both for data provision and data consumption:

  • Availability of data from SupplyOn’s transactional services, also automated in DAISY
  • API: Standard interfaces that are directly integrated into customer-internal systems (ERP, SCM, QM, PLM, etc.)
  • Direct input of data via web interface
  • Third-party platforms: e.g. Catena-X or other Software-as-a-Service platforms for special applications (compliance, etc.)

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