New invoicing add-on Payment Status Overview offers full transparency of invoice status and reduces effort on both sides

February 5, 2024 · reading time < 2 Min.

SupplyOn has developed a new invoicing add-on that provides all of a company's suppliers with detailed information on the processing status of their invoices at just one click - regardless of whether the supplier is registered with SupplyOn or not.

The "Payment Status Overview" add-on solves this task via a freely accessible web portal that does not require a login. By entering the invoice number, invoice amount and invoice date, the data is retrieved individually from the customer's ERP system and displayed to the user. The user can then see whether the invoice has been successfully received, is still being processed or whether payment is scheduled. Any rejection is also displayed in the "Payment Status Overview".

The benefit of the solution is for both suppliers and customers. Suppliers always receive a transparent status of the processing status of their invoices. They no longer must check the status – especially the payment date – with the customer's supplier accounting department. For customers, the solution offers significant relief and a noticeable reduction in incoming inquiries. A considerable amount of time and effort can be saved in accounts payable as a result.

The special feature of the solution is that it is freely accessible to all suppliers of a customer - without registration or password. Simply entering the specific document data ensures that there is no unauthorized access, as only the supplier as well as the customer are in possession of this data.