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Mobile Track

Getting a grip on the last mile

Keep track of when your goods actually reach you

Particularly in mechanical and plant engineering, but also on construction sites, the delivery of components often depends on minutes. On the one hand, this is because modifications are often carried out during ongoing operations and any interruption causes high costs. On the other hand, technicians with special know-how have to be on site to take over and install the parts. Their unproductive time not only means high costs, but above all avoidable costs.

With Mobile Track, SupplyOn offers a solution that makes the last mile transparent and plannable. Geocoding allows the current location of the goods as well as the expected time of arrival to be transmitted with minute precision. The data can be sent directly to a mobile device – for example, to the technician on site – or imported into the customer’s ERP system. In this way, the last mile becomes transparent and controllable.

Your benefits of Mobile Track

Time is money: Reduced labor costs thanks to easier on-site scheduling of technicians

Avoidance of penalties due to delivery delays

High acceptance, also on the forwarders’ side, since no investment in hardware is necessary (mobile app for iOS and Android)

All features at a glance

  • Geocoding: Tracking of the transport on the last mile via the driver’s mobile device.
  • Import of the geocoding data directly into the SAP system
  • Connection of any mobile app via API interface possible
  • Provision of data for transfer to the internal systems of the contracted freight forwarder
  • Flexible solution – both for companies with their own fleet and in cooperation with carriers without their own mobility and track & trace solution

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