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The Voice of the Supplier

Successful digital supplier collaboration
through Procure-to-Pay

Honeywell uses SupplyOn as a machine-to-machine supplier since 2019. More than 25.000 invoices per year are processed via SupplyOn P2P Invoicing at various global sites.

“I log in to SupplyOn 4 to 6 times a day. The transparency it provides in terms of PO changes as well as around the status of shipments, receipts and invoices is amazing. Previously, especially for invoicing, we were sitting in the last car of a train looking back at the invoices sent, not knowing what is ahead in terms of payment. With SupplyOn, we can look ahead and see all details on requested quantities and prices. This allows us to issue our invoices accordingly, avoiding errors leading to invoice disputes before the invoices are submitted thus ensuring on-time payment. “

Phil Talley MS&C-Airbus, Honeywell


  • Remove media break
  • Integrate seamlessly with SupplyOn’s P2P solution
  • Increase transparency throughout the entire P2P process, end-to-end
  • Full visibility on PO data and PO changes as well as invoices and their status
  • Improve invoice quality by knowing expected prices and quantities and being able to react to these before invoices are disputed


  • Project lead in Arizona, global implementation team
  • Project start for P2P invoicing in April 2019
  • Go-Live in September 2019
  • Tailored processes to actual business needs from various customers

Benefits for Honeywell

  • Short implementation timeline
  • Efficient cooperation between teams
  • Over 30.000 processed invoices since go-live (as of Jan 2021)
  • Significant reduction in disputed invoices and payment times

In short: It’s a win-win situation for both,
customer and supplier

Suppliers using other modes (web interface, CSV upload, connect mode) reap the benefits of efficient and transparent payment processes, too. Hear what GKN Aerospace, Bennett Safetywear and SAFT Batteries say: