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The Voice of the Supplier

This is what suppliers say about our Purchase-to-Pay solution

A Purchase-to-Pay solution is only as successful as its adoption rate among suppliers. For you as a customer, to reap the full benefits of the solution it not only needs high acceptance rates among suppliers, but they also actually have to use it in their daily business.

This in turn calls for a flexible, easy-to-use solution which also provides suppliers with a range of tangible benefits — no matter via which channel suppliers prefer to connect. Here is what our suppliers say about the SupplyOn Purchase-to-Pay solution.

GKN Aerospace: Transparent and extremely efficient

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GKN Aerospace uses Purchase-to-Pay via the web interface

Bennett Safetywear: Faster payments thanks to Purchase-to-Pay in connect mode

“We are a Airbus pilot supplier for the new Purchase-to-Pay process. With this solution, we can create invoices directly from the underlying purchase orders, leading to faster payments. No more paper invoices need to be generated and no more delays by sending them by post. Invoice generation is now fast and easy. We appreciate the great support from SupplyOn and hope that this will be rolled out to the other Airbus divisions soon.“

Eddie Baker Quality Manager, Bennett Safetywear Ltd

SAFT Batteries: Robust IT processes and reduce[d] manual workload through Purchase-to-Pay via CSV upload

“Our goal is to automate invoice creation by using the CSV upload, to benefit from robust IT processes and to reduce manual workload. We have therefore set up an IT project where we invested quite some time. We want to further automate this process, to further reduce our manual workload. We are proud to be part of this Airbus project as CSV pilot supplier and have very much appreciated the support of our main contact partner on SupplyOn side.“

Frédéric Pignorel Corporate IS Project Manager, SAFT Batteries

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