On Time Delivery

Maximum transparency through collaborative On Time Delivery (OTD) with SupplyOn AirSupply

A collaborative process between the customer and supplier for assessing delivery reliability has been established in the European aerospace industry. Delivery reliability between the supplier and customer within fixed time frames is validated on a joint basis, and the figure is then incorporated into the overall assessment.

With SupplyOn, the collaborative assessment procedure is reproduced on a system-supported basis. Once an order has been delivered in full and is therefore complete, the system automatically assesses delivery reliability using customer-specific parameters. These assessments can then be checked by the supplier on an ongoing basis and corrected with the customer if necessary. This ensures maximum transparency as regards supplier assessment for both sides. 

How you benefit from the collaborative delivery reliability (OTD) assessment

  • The fact that your suppliers are involved in the assessment process helps to avoid time-consuming queries.
  • You provide your suppliers with an analysis tool which allows them to react more quickly in the event of problems and thus improve their logistics performance.
  • Up-to-date, correct assessment data provide a basis for efficiently developing your suppliers, thereby strengthening your own competitive position too.