Be sure of finding the supplier with the best terms and conditions

Negotiate prices as well as all of your additional requirements online with SupplyOn – transparently and with minimal effort for everyone involved. In addition to price, you can predefine various criteria for the awarding process which are important to you, such as delivery reliability, product quality or concept strength. This ensures you really select the supplier with the best bid from a holistic perspective.

The entire, automated awarding process is transparently documented, traceable and tamper-proof. To achieve best results, it is key to select the appropriate auction rule and awarding method. Depending on the material group being negotiated and the auction objectives you are striving towards, you can choose between:

  • English Reverse Auction (Dynamic, Traffic Light, Multi Item, Multi Lot, Rank)
  • Sealed-Bid Auction
  • Dutch Forward Auction
  • Japanese Reverse Auction

All bids by your suppliers are binding. Your purchasers can follow the bids in real-time and compare and evaluate them after the auction ends.

Your Choice: Self-Service vs. Full-Service

Self-Service Auctions

You already have experience with online auctions? Then you can start immediately with our Self-Service Auctions, and negotiate quickly and easily online with your shortlisted suppliers to identify the most suitable one.

Managed Auctions

You wish to benefit in your price negotiations from our long years of experience with online auctions and our in-depth know-how in this area? Then our Managed Auctions are a perfect fit for you. Just provide us with your key data, and we will take care of the rest for you.

Your benefits from online auctions via SupplyOn

  • Reduce your purchasing costs by finding the supplier with the best conditions
  • Speed up the request and quotation process with clearly defined quotation structures and templates for evaluations 
  • Save time and reach decisions faster with significantly shorter negotiation periods. Time saving increase further when you conduct several price negotiations simultaneously
  • Reduce manual efforts and boost efficiency with an automated, pre-defined awarding process
  • Ensure internal approval of negotiated results based on the neutrality and transparency of the entire process