Master Data Management

Manage your supplier master data in one central data pool

Globally active businesses are often faced with the challenge of supplier master data that has to be locally maintained at individual locations. Redundant data maintenance means high administrative expenses – for both you and your suppliers. A global overview of your suppliers is not even possible with decentralized master data management.

With SupplyOn, you establish a central data pool in which your supplier master data are managed. That means: all of your employees worldwide can access up-to-date and consistent master data.

To update the data or add any supplier master data, simply send your suppliers a digital questionnaire via SupplyOn. Reminder functions ensure that your suppliers fill in the questionnaire within a specific period of time. The updated or confirmed master data is then automatically added to the system.

How you benefit from a central master data management

  • Master data can be automatically requested and independently updated by your suppliers, thereby saving your employees time and lowering process costs.
  • In addition to data, which your suppliers can independently maintain, you can supplement or automatically add your own information from internal systems.
  • For example, every buyer throughout the world can see at the click of a mouse which suppliers are approved for which material groups or have supplied particularly high-quality components in the past.