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Goods Receipt

Save time and money during goods receipt

Delivered parts taken in quickly and easily

SupplyOn enables fast and easy reception of delivered parts, thus optimizing your processes during goods receipt. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that your employees in the goods receipt department are promptly informed about upcoming goods consignments via the upstream advance shipping notification process. On the other hand, the labels and barcodes generated by SupplyOn ensure that the goods are correctly booked into the system. Simple scanning of the labels is sufficient. Your supplier just needs to print out the correct labels in the system.

Integrated document handling also ensures that all quality documents and certificates required for further processing of your received parts are available. This eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual steps, such as scanning and assigning documents to deliveries and materials. Alerts informs you in advance of missing delivery information. This prevents materials from having to be blocked for further processing. The acceleration of your processes during goods receipt saves valuable time and thus money.

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