Vendor Managed Inventory

Reduce capital costs through lower warehouse stock levels

SupplyOn’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) gives your suppliers insight into your warehouse stock levels via our web-based solution and automatically ensures that they remain within agreed minimum and maximum limits. Your data is read by the VMI monitor right from your ERP system and updated daily, so both sides can plan on the basis of identical information. In critical situations, for example where there is an imminent risk of your stock levels falling below the minimum threshold, you and your supplier are automatically informed.

Instead of ten processes, we often have only one with our VMI suppliers; this means that a large share of the process volume in warehouse management, transportation and accounting processes is simply eliminated.

Roland Dudichum, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

A simulation function allows your supplier to simulate deliveries and adjust production to best suit your needs. Other functionalities as well as inventory monitor visualization enable your supplier to immediately register when, which and how many parts need to be delivered.

How you benefit from VMI with SupplyOn:

  • You reduce your inventory – and thereby required storage space and all associated costs.
  • Maximum transparency of inventory and requirements allows your suppliers to respond more quickly to fluctuations in demand and avoid bottleneck situations.
  • You help your suppliers to improve their delivery reliability and maximize your own security of supply.
  • You reduce the number of planning levels and thereby simplify day-to-day business for dispatchers.