Frequently Asked Questions

Registration as a supplier with SupplyOn requires having an established business relationship with the Companies that use SupplyOn for their supplier communication. These companies will actively invite you to register as a supplier with SupplyOn. If you have already received an invitation, you are welcome to register here: Register as supplier now

If you have any questions regarding usage fees, please contact our support team at

Just as online banking is a service from your bank, SupplyOn also offers a number of online services for electronic process management. The purpose of All of our services is to enable the collaboration of multiple business partners via the Internet. In this connection, our services are also often referred to as (IT) solutions.

SupplyOn solutions are specifically developed for those industries whose success depends on having a seamless collaboration with suppliers and partners. In general, these are:

  • Companies with worldwide production locations and global supplier networks
  • Companies in the discrete manufacturing field
  • Manufacturers of products with a high share of external value added

Our industry-specific solutions are therefore especially suited for these industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Railway and Engineering..

Companies that use SupplyOn for process management with their suppliers come primarily from production-intensive industries, such as:

  • Companies with worldwide production locations and global supplier networks
  • Companies in the discrete manufacturing field
  • Manufacturers of products with a high share of external value added

Does this description apply to your company too? Then we should find out if using SupplyOn with your suppliers would be practical for you as well. Please contact us: E-mail

The SupplyOn business model is based on the same idea as network goods: the more people who use or consume the same good (e.g. telephone or Internet), the more valuable it becomes.

A technically mature platform such as ours is a prerequisite for this, but the platform itself is not actually of value. The crucial added value is only a result of its large community of users. Some 65,000 companies are linked worldwide via SupplyOn. SupplyOn gives you as a supplier consolidated access to messages, e.g. requests or orders, from all of your customers linked via SupplyOn. By using the SupplyOn platform, buying companies can integrate all of their suppliers in the electronic process management system.

SupplyOn offers its IT solutions as Software as a Service. Unlike standard software, our applications are not installed on our customers’ PCs; rather, they are hosted on central servers. For our customers, this means: no inhouse costs for hardware and software, maintenance or IT management. We simply make our business applications available for you online. Or, we can use a central interface to link your internal systems to our platform as part of a one-time project. You can then use our solutions from your backend systems.

Since the beginning of Internet business and the founding years of SupplyOn, there have been a number of terms used in association with SupplyOn. Since these terms each have different connotations, we would like to briefly classify ourselves:

Electronic marketplace

SupplyOn is often referred to as an electronic marketplace, but there is an important distinction to note: SupplyOn is not an open marketplace in which any company can register to offer its services to potential customers, such as in a business directory. Rather, SupplyOn serves as a technical infrastructure in which the processes of an existing business relationship between companies that buy and supply are electronically depicted and automated within a secure framework.

Portal or platform

By visualizing a building, one can graphically see the difference between the two: in this image, the portal is the entrance; the platform itself is the foundation of the entire building – in other words, the basis upon which all business applications are built.
You are only permitted to access this platform after authentication at the portal (e.g. with your login password). Once you have access to the platform, you can take advantage of the various business applications (e.g. SupplyOn Sourcing, SupplyOn WebEDI, etc.).

You can find the system settings here: System settings